Update regarding the 4 children who felt from a balcony


On the night of April 30, 2018, four children fell from the fourth story balcony. They all saw their life flash before their eyes. Some made it, some did not.


The four children were placed into intense care after the accident. It must be known that the care needed is not only physical but also psychological. The father decided to open an online campaign to provide the best possible care for his children and to eliminate the substantial amount of debt. Luckily, he chose Weeboon to open is campaign and donation progress is being made.


Unfortunately, several stories have been brought to the media regarding personal family matters, separation and a death of a child. Weeboon would like to focus this specific on the children who are still under current medical care.


Below you will find a detailed description of the children’s status:


Chanida, the young seven-year-old daughter, is still in a coma after thirty days. But her health has progressed, and her heart is now working independently. On the other hand, her lungs do not work without a machine, so she is still dependent on respiratory aid. Moreover, she rejects food and blood. Chanida has been at Ramkhamhaeng Hospital since May 1, a private hospital that provides the best care for her specific condition.


Luka, ten years old, is out of a coma and has since been repatriated to a public hospital alongside his older sister, Didi. In spite of his medical care reaching near completion, the stationing in a public hospital still results in minimal access of government care.

The fact that Luka came out of the coma is encouraging but does not mean that he is cured. Indeed, during the fall, he received a severe shock to the head and now has a speech impediment.


Finally, Didi, eleven years old, did not seem to get the proper medical treatment. She was demoted to a fan room (which is extremely unethical). Medical insurance did not provide the care necessary for her treatment.


This campaign needs your help to serve these kids medical justice. These children have been to extreme lengths and emotional shock after losing their own brother and receiving intensive medical care. We all must come together in a time and be here for them.


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