Thailand’s fight against human trafficking


Thailand is ensuring that fight against human trafficking will remain a national priority. The Thai prime minister Prayuth Chan-o-cha declared he wants to solve the problems of human trafficking by changing the current policy and preventing.

Today, the government wants to protect illegal migrants and stop abuses against foreign workers.

Thailand also wants to fight human trafficking related to sex tourism, especially the one involving children.


The government is trying hard in stopping human traffickers and protecting migrants and other workers in the seafood industry. It is in this very industry that some of the worst abuses are alleged to have occurred, according to Panjit Pisawong, the Deputy Director General of the Foreign Trade Department at the Ministry of Commerce in Thailand. Besides to monitor the respect of labour right, inspectors are regularly sent to fishing boats and owners are being pressured to register all their boats and workers.


From the steps taken by the Thai government, there is the effort to regularize illegal migrant workers in the country. Several centers have been established around Thailand where migrant workers who are outside of the system can register. The goal is to have a majority of migrant workers registered with the Ministry of Labour. Another objective is to move them from illegal to legal status, enabling them to seek and receive services and protections. Most of the registered migrants come from Cambodia, Myanmar and Laos.


Just as the government, private industry is also taking serious steps about human rights. This includes developing codes of conduct on labour rights and treatment of workers as well migrant workers. They are also cooperating with inspectors and nongovernmental organizations active toward migrants and labour issues.


As a conclusion, the government’s fight against human trafficking is moving forward just as it is influencing private industry. Migrants, children and human rights in general are to be more protected by the law.


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