Lanta Animal Welfare



Lanta Animal Welfare is one of our main charity partner. This non-profit is based in Southern Thai island Koh Lanta and has been helping animals for the past decade.

This non-profit was founded by Junie Kovacs in 2005. She decided to create this program to make an impact on animal lives. Initially she wanted to help stray animals but then proceeded to broaden her her treatment to include animal: injuries, abuse, and even homelessness. As of recently island based veterinary services have been additionally added to the non-profits mission.

Lanta Animal Welfare main missions promotes vaccination and preventative healthcare through the crowdfunding campaign platform available on Weeboon. Fortunately, Lanta Animal Welfare has sterilized and treated over 15,000 animals with the graciousness of hundreds of donations yearly. The treatment types can range from skin problems, poison overdose to even traffic based accidents.


As of recently, there is a dire need for professional volunteers for the program. Indeed, Lanta is encouraging people flying out of Thailand to take an animal with them to potentially find a new owner. Besides, this service is easy and cost free. In fact all you need to do is to contact a Lanta Animal Welfare representative and send to them some information about your flight.


Lanta Animal Welfare has three main channels: sterilization, mobile clinics and one education program.


Lanta Animal Welfare believes rabies sterilization is the only way to reduce number of stray animals. The program provides health benefits to counter future diseases and health complications for the animals. In 2010, Lanta Animal Welfare opened its first animal sterilization Centre on Koh Lanta island. This center welcomes stray animals and locals.


There are also neighbouring islands that have mobile clinics that provide sterilization and vaccination programs to those in need. The program provides an outlet for individuals to change their mentality and perception in regards to animal care for the future. According Lanta Animal Welfare, “a lack of education is responsible for many of the cases of abuse and the overpopulation.” They strive to promote the message to kids in elementary based schools to encourage safe animal care and vaccination in their own homes.


As you can see, Lanta Animal Welfare is a rapidly growing non-profit in Thailand. If you believe in the message the non-profit promotes, please consider donating on Weeboon. The more support and traction they gain, the more animals will survive.


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