#DEATHBYPLASTIC : buy recycle paper bags for every 7-Eleven !

In collaboration with Weeboon, Bangkok-based fashion photographer Ben Zander has recently launched the #DEATHBYPLASTIC campaign.

The photographer aims to raise 400,000 baht to finance 7 more photo-shoots with 7 different celebrities who have already agreed to lend their fame to support this cause. This would complete the 3 photo-shoots he already done including world-class muay Thai fighter Buakaw Banchamek, supermodel Penny J. Lane from the Face Thailand and MC Dandee from the Bangkok Invaders Crew.

The product of these 10 shoots will be exhibited and sold. Proceeds from the sales will go towards buying recycle paper bags to replace plastic ones at every 7-Elevens in order to raise awareness on plastic waste.

The nationwide campaign also plans to release short documentary clips for each shooting. Those clips will be exclusively available to view on Zander’s website at benzander.com/deathbyplastic.

You can donate right now at https://www.weeboon.com/en/campaigns/death-by-plastic



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