CSR in a few words

What is CSR?

CSR: Corporate Social Responsibility, is a term that refers to actions that a company performs in order to make the world a better place, it can be environmental actions, but also humanitarian or actions towards animals…

What about CSR?

CSR is more and more important in our society because of the planet’s critical situation. This is why we can see a good improvement in companies’ effort.

In fact, CSR represents 17.8 billion dollars of total donations by corporations last year. On the other hand, 55% of customers are ready to spend more money in responsible companies. Also, 93% of the biggest companies in the world publish CSR reports.

What are CSR short time benefits?

Companies can give money to nonprofit organizations, but they also can use their employees to be a part of their action. CSR can be humanitarian but also a part of team building in a company.


1.             CSR is an easy way to improve company’s public image. As you may know, biggest companies in the world have CSR departments not only charity purpose but also to improve their image. It is important for consumer to spend his money in “eco-friendly” companies or companies that help community.

2.             CSR is an easy way to increase employee engagement. It feels good for employees to work in a company which his engaged in the community. Employees are proud of their company and they want to do a better job. On top of this, employees can be a part of the CSR action.

3.             CSR can attract investors. Usually investors want to know the company they invest to and there is no better way for a company of being known by their CSR actions. CSR is important today and if a company has a budget for CSR it means that this company doesn’t only care about profits.

4.             CSR is a way to increase media coverage. The benefit of doing some CSR is to get free advertising. If a company tackles community issues, local media would probably cover it.

5.             Bonus for nonprofits organizations, CSR is a way to attract more volunteer. CSR is also good for nonprofit organizations. It is not about money, but it also has to do with employees’ involvement. They can take part in the CSR actions by offering some time and knowledge as volunteers. To work one day in a nonprofit and to be in the shoes of a volunteer is the best way to get involved.


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